New paintings

Awesome abstracts and fresh florals!

Bold, colourful, layered paintings that express the aesthetic of
optimism and convey a message of celebration and hope.

Claire is the embodied definition of a multi-passionate creative

She is forever evolving her practice to incorporate new mediums and techniques in her bright, playful art and design.

Her process is largely instinctive. Quieting her mind to be present in her body, she follows her intuition and impulses, infusing her work with unapologetic enthusiasm and pure joy.

She thrives when working alone in a designated art studio space and is currently creating at Southern Buoy Studios on the Mornington Peninsula.

As well as painting original artworks, Claire makes colourful and bold accessories, including earrings and keyrings, and creates hand-lettered digital designs for prints, stickers, greeting cards and apparel.

“I purchased a stunning artwork from Claire Monique to hang within my business. The artwork is so vibrant and textured and is a fantastic focal point for clients to look in my clinic; its vivid colours always help evoke positive upbeat emotions within my workspace. Claire was exceptionally professional, kind and easy to deal with. She went above and beyond to arrange framing of the canvas for me so that all I had to do was hang the work on the wall. 6/5 stars ⭐️

– Kimberley Russell, Owner, Elite Movement Therapy

About claire

Ever since she was a child, Claire has had a strong sense of personal style and has been enamoured with many forms of creative self-expression, from fashion and homeware design to painting and photography.

Claire is often described as a “ray of sunshine”, and her work radiates the same positive energy she is well known for.

She utilises a bright and uplifting colour palette and often incorporates playful mixed media elements with a maximalist flair to create her bold, layered works that express the aesthetic of optimism and convey her message of celebration and hope.