In October 2019 my life was turned upside-down by a surprise brain tumour diagnosis. Thankfully the tumour was benign, but it was attached to my hearing and balance nerve as well as my brain stem. Three weeks later I survived an almost 14 hour brain surgery to remove most of the brain tumour, and while I was in my ward I was visited by one of the anesthetists. She told me she wished they could bottle my attitude and give it to all their patients, because my heart didn’t skip a beat during the whole surgery!


After being released from hospital I moved to the Mornington Peninsula to be with my family during my recovery. I started making art, because while I was limited in what I could do (like walk, or listen, or read) I could still use my hands. I realized I could use art to generate the positive energy I needed to navigate this time through artistic expression.


While my current art practice is still quite fresh, I have always been enamoured with the arts and have studied many different techniques throughout my lifetime. I received a comprehensive art education at secondary school and university, as well as completing many short courses in everything from Calligraphy to Mural Painting. Returning to my art post-surgery has bought hope and meaning back to my life, and while I may not be able to “bottle my attitude”, I can do the next best thing and share it with you through the colourful and uplifting work I create.


In November 2020 I launched my debut collection “Neu”, donating 20% of proceeds to St Vincent’s Hospital’s Neurosurgery Department. I now stock my recent creations Flock of Seagulls Rye, Frankston Made and Incube8r Fitzroy. I also have over 50 designs available on everything from shower curtains to canvases at!


Since starting to share my artwork with the world I have had the pleasure of being voted one of the most popular designs in the Mornington Peninsula Arts & Culture BINspiration competition,  and being awarded third place in both the Best Acrylic Painting and Best Portrait (Person or Animal) categories in the 2021 Red Hill Show. I have also created many commissioned pieces, shared my story at Happy Places & Co’s first post-lockdown luncheon and joined the Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc. Committee as their Social Coordinator and Interim Secretary!


If you are interested in my art or my story, please reach out and connect! I would love to meet you and am available for collaborations, community projects, licensing, commissions, interviews, speaking engagements and more.