#SpreadLoveInLockdown Digital Download


Let’s #SpreadLoveInLockdown!

This product is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of 8 poster designs for you to download and print yourself to spread some love in your local community.

Please see the product description below for suggestions on how you might like to use them!


If you print and share these posters on socials, please tag me @byclairemonique and use the hashtag #SpreadLoveInLockdown. Let's see how far they can go!

Designs include:
- Lockdown Sucks but you are AWESOME
- Times are tough but so are you
- This is hard, please be gentle with yourself
- It's OK to feel what you're feeling
- Your best is good enough
- It's possible for you to feel crappy and grateful at the same time
- If you are reading this, I am sending you love
- If you are feeling sad or lonely, I am sending you a big hug right...NOW!

Please allow up to 24 hours for the download link to arrive in your inbox- you will receive a confirmation email immediately, however the download link will arrive in an email titled "Your By Claire Monique order has been sent."

Some things you might like to do with the posters include:
- Displaying them around your home
- Posting them on community noticeboards at schools, nursing homes, hospitals, doctor's offices and lunchrooms
- Popping them in the window of your shop or cafe
- Printing them on little cards and mailing them to your friends

Things I absolutely do not condone and take no responsibility for include:
- Printing them and using them as paste-ups on private property that isn't your own
- Posting them in public areas where you do not have permission to do so (if necessary)
- Popping them in letterboxes that ask for "No Junk Mail"
- Placing them anywhere that may cause a hazard of any kind
- Using them for your own commercial gain.

This is my work and it is copyrighted... you have been warned.